Golf Screen

Do you play golf?

Do you experience more than minor aches and pains during or following a round?

Have you had an injury or surgery that seems to be limiting your ability to play golf?

Do you want to gain flexibility and strength to improve your swing (and your scores)?

If your answer to any of these questions is ”Yes”, then the Golf Screening Assessment is for you!

Golf Screening Assessment

1) Measures your physical readiness to play golf.

2) Based on the research and philosophy of the Titleist Performance Institute.

3) Designed to help return to play with improved strength and flexibility, and a reduction in symptoms.

4) Assessment of various movements of your arms, legs, and spine specifically related to the golf swing.

5) Requires about 60 minutes.

6) Cost is $125.00 – not covered by insurance.

7) If further physical therapy treatments are needed, those costs may be covered by insurance.

At the conclusion of the screening exam:

1) Results will be reviewed with a specific focus on how the results may affect or influence your golf swing.

2) Recommendation of specific exercises or movements will be provided to help reduce any limitations or deficits found during the screening exam.

3) If you are working on your swing with a PGA Teaching Professional, we will, with your permission, provide the results of your screening exam to that Golf Professional.

4) If any of the limitations or deficits require specific physical therapy treatments, we will, with your permission, contact your medical doctor to recommend an order for physical therapy treatment.


Conducted by licensed physical therapist and certified Titleist Performance Instructor, Dr. Dale Schuit.

35 years of experience in managing patients with musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. PhD in Kinesiology (the study of human movement). Avid golfer.

The game of golf is physically demanding for players of all ages.  The Golf Screening Assessment is designed to illustrate any limitations that you may have relative to the physical requirements needed to perform a golf swing effectively.  Specific exercises and/or activities can be provided to allow you to improve on any limitations found in the screening exam.

To schedule please call Functional Therapy and Rehabilitation at 708-645-7700.  Feel free to email questions to:

NOTE:  The Golf Screening Assessment does not include a detailed golf swing analysis – that analysis requires the expertise of the PGA Teaching Professional.