As a patient you are the most important member of your own health care team, and you are entitled to the most accurate and up to date health related information. Any of our staff at FTR would be happy to answer your rehabilitative, medical, health, and wellness related questions. Below you will find a list of resources which may provide you with additional information.

Patient Education

Becoming informed about your medical condition can help achieve your goals of recovery. It is important that the source of the information is valid. There are some simple considerations that will insure accuracy and safety when attempting to gain online health information.

Useful Links

There are several general sites online that may more specifically address your questions.:

Community Information

Participation in an ongoing exercise program helps to ensure a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous community opportunities for this.

Information gathered should always include the following:

  1. the author’s name with credentials
  2. the source of the information
  3. references to publications supporting the information
  4. feedback opportunity
  5. identification of a seal of approval

One trusted seal is called the “HON seal of approval.” Another such approval seal is the “ADAM quality seal.”
When these are found at the end of an article the information presented meets set standards and is trustworthy.
The seals are pictured here:

The National Library of Medicine has developed a search site specifically for consumers, This site is filled with useful information.

FTR Transitional Exercise Program

This program allows patients to continue a healthy lifestyle by participating in an exercise program. It could prove significant in your attempts to continue toward a full recovery. During your participation, our staff will be available for questions and direction while you participate in a safe and appropriate program.

Participation in this program can involve strenuous activity. It must be understood that there is risk of injury when participating in any exercise, sport activity or recreational activity. Participants must assume all risks that may occur as a result of their inclusion in the transitional program.

Your participation in the Transitional Program will require a $50 monthly fee. This monthly program is non-contractual; therefore, refunds are not available. Participants must be 18 years or older and must have clearance from a physician to begin an exercise program.

Please call us with any questions about this program.

Share Your Soles

FTR is a collection site for Share Your Soles. This organization collects all types of shoes, cleans and disinfects them and distributes to needy around the world. We have collection containers in each of our sites.

Recreational facilities in the community

Recreational community information is available for Homer Glen here. This gives a listing of parks, golf courses, pools, recreational facilities, and trail system.

Recreational information for the Joliet area is available here.
Also see, maps,
Forest Preserve District of Will County