We welcome physical therapy student interns to Functional Therapy and Rehabilitation – F T & R.
We value our relationships with a variety of university departments of Physical Therapy and work very hard to ensure that student time spent here is mutually beneficial.
Of course our main objective is to provide a rich clinical affiliation to the students.
What we expect in return is preparation, enthusiasm and professionalism appropriate for an independent private practice.
Our reputation is at stake with all clinical services provided. This extends to student/patient relationships.
Being acutely aware of this, all students have close supervision and constant interaction with the supervising PT.
This has worked well for both sides and especially for our patient population.
The first day you are here you will meet with Phyllis Levine and with your supervising PT.
As you will soon see our clinic has an open atmosphere. This means that you will have ready access to all PTs and office staff.
At your orientation specific information about charting – we use electronic medical records, billing – derived from your daily note, scheduling – computerized, and specific expectations will be covered.

Prior to your arrival there is some information you will need specific to your time at FTR. That will be handled in a private email.
Student hours will mirror those of their CI.


  • Staff hrs: (as of 6/10)

  • Phyllis Levine:
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs 7:30 to 6:00 in Homer.
  • Wed 9:00 to noon, Fri 9:00 to 3:00 in Joliet.
  • Jim Donahue:
  • Mon and Thurs 8 to 6 in Joliet.
  • Wed and Fri 7:30 to 5:30 in Homer Glen.
  • Kathryn Limberopoulos:
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs 7:30 to 4, Wed 11 to 7:30 and Fri 9:00 to 7:30 – all in Homer Glen
  • Dana Weith:
  • Mon, Wed, Thurs 7:30 to 5, Tues 4 to 7:30 – all in Homer Glen
  • Dale Schuit:
  • Mon and Thurs 4:30 to 7:30


Parking is readily available in our lot. If you need directions to our facility or have further questions please reach us directly.

We typically eat lunches here but that is not mandatory except on Wed when we have a staff meeting including a provided lunch. We have a small refrigerator and microwave available. There are numerous fast food and other types of restaurants in the immediate area.

We do not have a specific dress code but do expect neat professional attire. Obviously, no jeans, tee shirts, sandals, etc. are acceptable. A name tag must be worn. We can provide this here if needed. No visible body piercing (other than earrings on females) will be tolerated while interacting with patients. Any tattoos or other body art should be covered while working.

The phone to FT&R is 708-645-7700. The home phone for me is 708-301-0242. Please feel free to call our home if there is some reason you need to reach us when FT&R is closed. Voice mail at FT&R is on 24/7 for messages that are not urgent. My email is and can be used for any matters.

We have a room set aside for staff education/ student use/ private use. If there are any reference materials you feel you would like to have here, they can be safely kept in this room. Basic reference texts are already here and of course internet access is available at all times.

If there are any other specific questions before your arrival, please reach me directly. We look forward to your time with us.